Fiber Optic Cable Tester – What Is It and Tips on how to Use?

What’s a fiber optic cable tester?

A fibre optic cable tester is a hand-held troubleshooting gadget that sends purple mild from a semiconductor laser (635nm) down a fiber to examine for faults reminiscent of cracked fibers or faulty splices. led strip lights 50 ft B08BP3PTCL

The seen purple mild travels alongside the fibre core till it reaches a fault, the place it leaks out of the fiber. Gentle leaking via the fault will be seen via plastic coatings and jackets beneath appropriate illumination. Infrared mild within the sign leaks out on the similar level, however your eyes can not see it. The tester emits Class II purple laser beam, making the sunshine escaping from the broken fiber simply seen from a distance.

Attenuation of glass fibres is way greater at 630 to 670nm wavelengths of purple mild than within the 1300 to 1650nm transmission window, however the purple mild can nonetheless travel as much as 5km via normal fibers. Notice that the fibers have to be uncovered to make use of fiber optic cable tester successfully. If the purple mild leaks out inside a thick cable wrapped in black plastic, you possibly can’t see it.

This method is especially invaluable in gear bays and different locations inside buildings the place fibres are uncovered.

Shining a flashlight beam down a multimode fiber can serve the identical operate, and has lengthy been used to hint fiber continuity as effectively. Nevertheless, the flashlight little mild right into a single mode fiber.

Whether or not putting in or troubleshooting, the fiber optic cable tester is a vital instrument that rapidly and simply locates downside areas in fiber cables. By pinpointing the precise location of fiber harm, technicians can diagnose, troubleshoot, and repair the issue successfully. The cable tester can be used for conducting continuity exams and performing fibre identification.

The Steady/Flash management button lets operators select between steady or flashing illumination.


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